Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where the Heck are my Manners?

Just under 10 days ago, I was reading Dave and Dianna Rider's Blog, Belize - Adventures in Paradise. I sent them a message asking how much it all cost. They built a wonderful house in Corozal, and had a few challenges along the way.
Dave replied within two days. He also posted it on his blog 'So What's It All Cost?'. I would really like to thank him.
I promised Dave a t-shirt. In an earlier blog he was in the hunt for a t-shirt from BATSUB (British Armed Forces Support Unit Belize). He never mentioned getting one. Since I work for BATUS (British Armed Training Unit Suffield), I thought I would offer him a t-shirt that I have from work.
With all my jobs and general slothy-ness when I have a moment to myself, I have been a bit remiss. I had to find the t-shirt, firstly. I have now tracked that down and will send it in the next couple of days. So sorry Dave and Dianna!!
I would highly recommend their blog. I like reading blogs that interest me from the beginning. I just wish there was a way to read it chronologically without scrolling up :)

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