Thursday, March 25, 2010

Frugalista May Have to Have a Dwindle Down :(

 I am very proud of how much money that I've saved in just over nine weeks. But I have mentioned that I am probably moving to MediumSizedTown after my job at the base is over. My job here is (hopefully) over in four weeks.

Edit: Nope, looked through previous blogs and it doesn't look like I've mentioned it. Well, I work at the base and I'm covering someone's maternity leave. I hate the job, but it's a living wage. No other jobs have come up as there is a federal hiring freeze. I have decided that I will open up a Massage Therapy Clinic in a less saturated environment. The environment is, as previously mentioned, MediumSizedTown.

I would probably move about three weeks later. I can't give notice on my place until I know for sure that the girl that is maternity leave is returning. Since she only has to give two weeks notice, I won't know for sure until after the first week in April.

So since I will not be able to get out of my house until the end of May, I will apply for EI (employment insurance) and make sure that I get all of my damage deposit. I will work at the bar on the base until mid-May.

As an aside, I probably won't be needed after the end of April. The first battlegroup will be going on the field for three weeks on May 1st. They leave a skeleton staff behind, and we will only need one of the three bars there open during this time. That's usually the way it goes, with only a few exceptions over the years.

So hopefully I can dodge SSgt Blue Eyes until the end of April.

But I veered off subject there. All I was going to mention before my libido memory kicked in again was that being unemployed and moving will probably at least halve my savings.

And setting up a new massage therapy clinic will do the same.

But I will build it up again. Faster.

I'll be living with my parents for the first year and they will only take minimal rent off me. I will have EI until I start making more than my EI. So I will be able to save money soon enough. Stronger. Faster. (Cue Bionic Woman or should that be Frugalista Bionic Woman).

Frugalista Count-up 9!

Adding yet another meagre amount to the kitty. $214.59 more makes it over the $2000 mark. The grand total is now $2199.36!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Frugalista Count Up 8!

This month, the biweekly pay schedule comes up trumps and we get a third paycheque. So after setting aside my food, gas, etc money (plus a little bit to splurge on - I may be a Frugalista but I'm not insane), I have managed to add $658 to the pot. Making the total $1,984.77 :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weighing Down on My Psyche (or is that Psycho?)

Well, I haven't really committed to the weight loss thing as much as I should have. I haven't lost any weight really. Well a negligible amount.

A new motivator is on the horizon. In the years that I have tended bar out at the base, I have met several men. Liked a few. Really liked very few. Falling for a British Soldier is as sensible as thinking that cotton candy is a great diet food. But there are some that stick with you. The ones that have taken up a part of your memory and have a rusty old hook in you. One such person may be coming back for the first battlegroup of the season. Battlegroups are regiments of the British Army that go on army exercises, including live firing on a piece of prairie the size of Wales.

But I digress. He may be coming back. His regiment is. I was in contact with him, albeit sporadically for the past 2 years. Up until about 6 months ago when I realised that he wasn't good for me. He was my cotton candy. He was cute and sweet with amazing blue eyes. But he hid behind amazing lies. I knew he was lying when he did it, but I still was drawn to him.

I met him first 6 years ago. And every two years, his regiment comes back. Sigh.

All I've ever done is kiss him. A two and half hour snogging sesh last time he was here.

He has that rusting hook in my psyche.

In four to six weeks he’ll be here (if he’s with the battlegroup this year, there’s a small chance he isn’t - I am so hoping he isn't-well most of me is hoping he isn't). So I better get my arse moving so I can at least look good.

Still staying celibate though. Just want to look tasty. Just in case I have a tiny little hook into his psyche. I doubt it, but there’s always a chance huh?

Frugalista Count Up 7!

Dribs and drabs, dribs and drabs! The grand total now is $1,326.77!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is it With the Un-Fairer Sex?

If we're the fair sex, men are the un-fairer sex. Don't misunderstand, for the mostpart I love men; I even understand them up to a point. What I don't get is why-oh-why-oh-why does it never fail that once you stop looking, you become amazingly attractive??
Up until I decided to move to Belize, I was open to seeing men and dating them. Now I'm not. I've got a mission and priorities and men are not in that equation. I know I'd end up meeting one and losing sight of what I want. I've done that before. And that's not their fault, it's mine.
I haven't had a man sniffing after me for over a year. Now there's two. Sod's Law, isn't it? Or maybe it's just spring fever....Or my now curly hair....

Frugalista Count Up 6!

Every little bit counts, and I've added a little bit this week. The grand total is (drum roll please) - $1,157.17.