Monday, December 20, 2010

Slacker, Yes I am...

Sorry for the sporadic posting. I am a slacker.

Well, everything is fairly normal here. Thankfully, the business bank balance is starting to look healthy. I have to register to pay G.S.T. (Canadian Goods and Services Tax - if you gross more than $30,000 in a calendar year, you have to register for it and pay it) in February.

So that's a good news/bad news sort of thing. As I said, it's gross, so it doesn't take into account your numerous expenses, or how much saved money I put into the business in the first place. But I am earning a living wage. And since I took the Self-Employment Course, that wage was subsidized, up until now. Now I'm on my own.

Not having a safety net makes me nervous, and I'm going to miss the extra money. I haven't been much of a Frugalista lately, and after Christmas I will have to become one once again.

I am living at my parents as they are wintering down south. Is it normal for a 41 year old woman to squat at her parents' house? Probably not, but I've never liked being called normal. I am also looking forward to living on my own again, but it really doesn't make any sense to when there's an empty house.

Speaking of down south; this is how my journey had started in the first place. What a difference a(n almost) year makes! It was January of last year when I was visiting my parents in Palm Springs that I decided on this journey. A year later I'm living somewhere different and working full-time as a massage therapist. I met an agent that wants to see my book when it's finished (projected completion date - end of Jan, first 50 pages edited by end of Feb). I am booked to visit Belize in May. I am very excited about that. And I have lost about 60 lbs so far. I need to lose a lot more but it's a good start!

Oh, and I'm traveling down to Palm Springs to visit the 'rents on Wednesday - yay! Can't wait to leave the winter wonderland that we call Canada. Even if it is only for 2 weeks.

Anyways everybody, have a merry merry festive season!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NaNoWriMo and Other Excuses

Well, a few things have happened since my last post. Business is going well. So that's keeping me busy. I am very blessed to have a full-time massage clinic so soon after opening.
Another development is that I went to an industry workshop hosted by CaRWA (Calgary Romance Writers of America). And we got to pitch to an editor at a publishing house and an agent. The editor passed on my pitch, stating it was too complex of a story and that I needed an agent to represent me for it to get pubbed.

So I pitched to the agent and she said that when I was finished, I could send her a synopsis and the first 50 pages.  Yay!

It doesn't mean she'll like my writing. But she could. And pitching to an agent before a book is finished is a no-no. But because it was an industry workshop, we were given a little leeway.
And this moves me onto NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The challenge, if you choose to accept it is to write 50,000 words in a month. I thought 'this is a great way to kick my arse in gear and finish the novel'. So, I am behind due to working a lot of 12 hour days (oh, and I had a long weekend in there in which I did nothing but drink and socialise; I was celebrating my 41st birthday).

But I am getting there.

Oh, and the weight loss is going well. I'm on a plateau but I am motivated to get past it. It may take me a few weeks though. I am stepping up the intensity of my exercise. I read an article stating that Interval Training was the best way to budge the bulge. So far, I've lost just under 60 lbs. I have a ways to go, but I will get there eventually. I am hoping to hit 100 lbs by the time I go down to Belize...

So that's all for now. Sorry for the lackluster posting.... I shall try to get better.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Flight to Belize is Booked!!

Well, my Belly Belly Belize Account was over $700. I booked a flight through WestJet to Cancun for $609! Yay! Now I have to fill in the blanks, but I will be there from the 11th-25th of May! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soo sorry for the delay

I just noticed that I haven't blogged for ages. Well, a lot has happened in the past 6 weeks. My business opened.
I thought I would have a lot of time for writing as I would just be starting up. The answer to that is 'nope!'.

The great news is that I've been VERY busy. I haven't had much time to do anything.

But the weird news is the lovely writing group I joined in Lethbridge is not so lovely. Well part of it isn't.

There was a main group and a sub-group. The fiction sub-group is full of many enthusiastic and wonderful people. But the main group is led by someone who thinks that independent thinking is not allowed. I found out she set up the group to be worshiped and I'm just not the worshiping type.

So the fiction sub-group has become it's own group and I and a few others have been banned from the other group. Yes, banned. I never thought I was a rabble-rouser, but apparently I am :)

It is strange to be ousted. But it's for the best. Our fiction sub-group is full of a lot of like-minded people, so we'll see what happens there.

As for Belize, I think I'm coming for a visit in May. I'm going to get my PADI certification over the winter and then go for a scuba/relaxing holiday in Glover's Atoll and in Hopkins. Can't wait.

As for the Belly Belly Belize Account, it is a whopping $759. At $15/pound, you can probably figure out how much weight I've lost in the past 4 months, but I'll tell you anyway. I have lost 50.6 pounds! I have a lot more to lose but now I'm back to the weight I was 2 years ago.

So life is very good! I'll keep you updated more regularly from now on.....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Belly Belly, Bruised Ego and Business

Well, I finished my Self Employment course this week. Got a graduation certificate and all. For all of the eight weeks, as a group, we have intermingled and been tolerant of each other for the most part. A little griping here and there but not too much.

So it was a little shocking to my system on the very last day when IdealistGuy almost bit my head off.  We were in a group meeting about problem solving. He walked into the meeting with a black cloud over him. He was disinterested in the exercise at first, and then he got involved. I suggested something at one point, and he said something to the effect that it may not be valid. I may have not hidden all of the exasperation in my voice when I said 'Well, if you've got a better idea, please tell us.'

Like I said, I may not have hidden all the exasperation, but it was not enough to merit the abuse, abruptness and rudeness that followed. I got up to leave at one point and he, thankfully left instead. I was so upset that I cried in front of the other two members of the group immediately after IdealistGuy left. Then I regained some pride and went to the washroom to finish crying. I have a thing about losing control of my emotions in front of people.

The funny thing is that I was a supporter of IdealistGuy and his ideas. I was even going to offer to help him on his website that very day. He doesn't have much money left and he needs a website for his company as he wants to do sales through it. I'm glad that I didn't now. As petty as that seems, I am.

My good angel says that he's working for a good cause. My bad angel says 'screw him'. Figuratively, not literally, that is.

Sigh. It took me two days to become calm and myself again. And it put a damper on the whole course.

As for Belly Belly, I've lost over 30 pounds. That sounds like a lot but considering I would ideally like to lose over 100, it's a drop in the ocean. At least it's a start though.

Good news! My business opens on Tuesday. I'll be open Tuesdays-Saturdays. I have 1 trade (with my physical trainer), 2 x one hour massages and 2 x half hour massages for next week all ready. Yay! So excited. So scared! :)

Well that's all for now. More later....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prolific I am NOT, Belly Belly Belize Account Bursting and MEN

Prolific I am NOT
Well, I tried to have some goals about writing, but unfortunately I am not abiding by my rules. Part of the problem is that I am busy setting up the business and going to the Self-Employment course. The other part of the problem is the glowy box in the corner.

I am busy, but when I get home to my parent's house I watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune with my parents. I only watch it here. I have NEVER watched it on my own. But it is fun watching it with Mom and Dad. And then you get sucked in. Staying on the couch is much more appealing after sitting there for awhile...

Belly Belly Belize Account Bursting
I have mentioned before that I have a lot of weight to lose. Well, the Belly Belly Belize account is now a respectable $411. I hope I can keep affording to pay myself. Otherwise, that's another debt I'm incurring.

As for the Frugalista account, well, it's almost all gone. Sigh. But the Frugalista 2.0 account is getting healthy. So far I have saved $717.26. Hopefully I won't have to dip into that at all. But when starting up a business, who knows?

My little crush on IdealistGuy is over with. Thankfully. He's nice but I don't think I could live up to his standards. He expects a lot of people. And that's great, but it also darkens the rose-coloured glasses into a burgundy. So no more crush.

As for HomeTownGuy, well I am a walking, driving and sometimes sitting contradiction. I think about him, but I don't want to think about him. Well, until I indulge myself and let myself think about him.

I saw him working (he's a labourer outside and works for MediumSizedTown) yesterday morning. My heart sped up in anticipation as I knew I had to drive by him. But I pretended not to see him. Sophmoric? Well, yes, but it was also a measure of self-protection.

You see, if I let myself watch him, one of two things would have happenned. 1) I would have waited for him to see me, and if he didn't I would have been disappointed. 2) Same scenario as number 1, but he would have seen me and waved. Then I would be hooped. Getting him out of my head after that would require a lobotomy.

I have an obsessive nature. Not in a bunny-boiler/Glen Close/Fatal Attraction sort of way, but dangerous to myself. I fixate. My brain cycles, it's sort of like a CD on repeat play. And it's strange.

Like I said, when I'm not in MediumSizedTown, I don't think of him at all. It's like his brain waves activate mine. I KNOW that doesn't actually happen, but there's something in my makeup that makes my thought patterns work this way.

The answer to all this? Well, I am against getting a lobotomy. So I just have to stop indulging myself.

The strange thing is, I don't even really don't like him anymore. Not in that way. He's just a habit. Well I kicked smoking about 5 years ago, so I can kick him (but not to the kerb, that's just cruel :)).

I think celibacy is rotting my brain.....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Clinic and Other Odds and Sods

As I've stated before, I am taking a self-employment course. I have also found a premises to operate from.

So, as time has passed, there is more and more work piling up on the self-employment course, and in addition to that I have more and more work to get the clinic up and running. So I am working virtually non-stop.

I say virtually because I had a month off - well closer to three weeks off before I started the course. Before I moved from Medicine Hat to MediumSizedTown, I was working three jobs and usually 60-80 hours of work per week.

So compared to now, I'm only working about 55-60 hours a week. So less than I was before. But I got spoiled during my time off. I am used to a slower lifestyle now.

In regards to writing I have not kept it up. I am hoping that once I open the clinic I will have more time; at least initially before I build up a clientelle. Then I can work on my novel.

I am going to my writing groups so I have some accountability and I also learn things from them.

As for the Belly Belly Belize account, I currently have $321.00. So at least that is a small amount that I have towards my trip to Belize next May or June. Since I am paying myself $15/lb, you can figure out how much I have lost so far! :)

As for my Frugalista account, well, it's dwindling. I have about $1500 left. And that will probably all go to opening costs of my clinic. So the Frugalista account has become the Shareholder account that I transfer funds into my business account.

But I have started a Frugalista 2.0 account, and have saved $382.26 so far.

On a side note, I am coping with my high libido and lack of outlet. I have gone off IdealistGuy. He's incredibly nice, but I could see him easily driving me crazy. He's so passionate about his cause. I find that very attractive. But I also find that he is blinkered. He also presents opinions as facts. Don't get me wrong, I really like him, but the lust has worn off.

As for HomeTownGuy, well he will always be a part of my past. Just like SSgt Blue Eyes. But I have found a technique that works when I find myself fixating on him. I think of it as an attack from an external source (even though it probably is internal). I use a visualisation technique that blocks me from thinking of him. It works. Every once and awhile, I indulge myself and let myself think about him, but not very often.