Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Tiny Whinge-fest about the Wii

Okay, I love the Wii. I have a couple of games that provide sufficient torture.
But the voice in the Wii Fit Plaza is starting to drive me crazy! It is like a voice from a Japanese Anime Cartoon. It is sweet, child-like and INCREDIBLY ANNOYING!!!
Every other day it goes 'Oh!'in a suprised voice when I step on the Wii.
I think I mentioned it before, I'm a larger person and trying to get some of it off. I don't have any interest in being svelte, just a lot less curvy. So when I get on and weigh every day, and it tells me 'That's Obese! Dum dum dum!' It gets tiring. D'uh! I was obese yesterday; unless a fat-wasting disease hits me overnight, I'll be obese the next day!

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