Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Frugality, Belly Belly, Don't Book on the Book

Okay, I've discussed my desire to move to Belize. But I haven't yet started on the Belly or the Book. That's next week as I have been coping with a snotty nose and a husky (non-sexy), phlegmy throat.
By the way, check out the Toucan Trail for inexpensive holiday accomodation and Blogs about Belize to read individual's experiences firsthand (I will recommend some useful and engaging ones soon).
The saving has started though!
I have taken 10% of my wages (of my full time job), and vowed to take the rest of my wages (part-time bar work, part-time massage therapy clinic) and save every penny on both of those jobs. Total saved so far? $106 and change. I get paid $40+ from my second job bartending (one shift, plus $40 extra tax taken off to buffer against getting dinged for working 3 jobs). No massages this week. It's been really slow lately, but I do have one next week which will go into the bank. So by the end of next week, I'll have $200 in the bank.
And future paycheques from the bar will be better as I am doing 2 shifts/week at the moment, which will clear about $300 every 2 weeks.
I'm also trying to cut back at home. I'm going to cancel my landline, which is one of the few fixed expenses that I can give up. I'm thinking about cutting back the cable, but if I don't have any money, taking away television probably isn't a good idea. But I am going to become a Frugalista!
More on belly and book soon.

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