Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frugalista Count-up!

Well, I stated that I had $106 and change. I have always known that this saving bit won't be easy. After fixed costs and taking 10% of my paycheque, I will get about $80 per week to live on. That sounds fine, but I use $40+ dollars per week commuting. So it's about $40/week for groceries and such.

At the moment, I am only going to buy a limited amount of groceries as my cupboards are full. So I'm going to eat what's in my cupboards for now, buying a little here and there.

I have to cut out an addiction which is extremely pricey and bad for me, diet sodas. Aspartame is a poison but a very addictive one! I have quit before, but it's not easy.

How, you ask, am I going to lose weight just eating anything in my cupboards. Well, most of the things in my cupboards are healthy, and exercise for me is the best way for me to lose weight. I just have to get off my gloriously big arse and move!

So, I am not a master Frugalista yet. I have the option of going curling tomorrow instead of going to work. Hmmm, it only costs $20 and I get to sleep in, start at 10, curl and then finish around 3.

The Frugalista inside of me is shouting, but I am putting ear plugs on and ignoring her.

I got my commuting cheque in my account today. It was $84.55 for the month. I got an oil change with it (it's what I usually do, I drive 100 kms return a day, sometimes 7 days a week) for $53 from Mr. Lube. That left 31.55. I am using $20 from that to go curling, and I deposited the remaining $11.55 in my savings. I get paid from my bar job tonight, so I have pre-emptively transferred the money out of my chequing account and into my savings as it will be back up to the original amount when I wake in the a.m.. That was $47.39.

So, total savings so far are $165.05. But it's a start :) Remember, there is a reason why this is a 3-5 year plan. I will have some savings and an income from writing by that time. I'm hoping 3 years, but it will probably be 5.

P.S. I did cancel my landline. It is currently paid up until Feb 18th. After that date it will be disconnected. That will be a $40 dollar savings every month.

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