Monday, June 7, 2010

Belly Belly and MediumSizedTown

Well, last Thursday I went to Weight Watchers. It was in a small town north of MediumSizedTown. Unfortunately, it was the last meeting they were holding due to low enrollment numbers.
But the former group leader gave me the intro book and I (and my mother) have been counting points. The next meeting is in Lethbridge this Wednesday.
Also in Lethbridge, I have a Writer's Group Meeting tommorrow.
And tonight, I am looking at a premises in town. I think it would be ideal, but the price has got to be right too. I have seen one other place that is not quite right, but the price is very affordable.
Plus, last weekend I met up with old friends and had a great time. Drove up to Okotoks and had a barbeque. I stayed over and then went to Calgary the next day to have coffee with a friend.
So, my life is looking up. Now I just have to get writing more regularly and then finally get published and I will be well on track for Belize in 2015!

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